Zip up or shut up

Today, I’m reminded of an article I read in the Men’s Health magazine. I can’t remember the entire thing, but there was something that stuck to my mind. Now, if there are ladies reading this, you might want to stop right here and go read something else, because what follows will be a shocking revelation of an undisclosed men’s toilet habit which might jar your sensibilities. Perhaps you ladies might even find this secret natural (hey, men actually do this!), but since I’ve never been in a ladies washroom before…

You still here?

Ok, here it is, and I want you to read everything carefully and slowly.

There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, that is so important, that you have to talk about it with your pants down.

There had been quite a few instances where I’ll be, uh, minding my own business while in the washroom, and two guys would waltz in to do their business. And they would be talking to each other. They could be talking about a recent project, or the decision of so-and-so, or about the details of a business deal (a real one thankfully, not the one happening in the washroom. Sheesh.).

I don’t know about you, but I find it kind of awkward conversing while holding my pants up. Especially if you are also making sure the other person isn’t looking at you. Seriously, you could have struck lottery (and positively thrilled to tell me), the building could be on fire, or Armageddon is nigh. I don’t care what it is, it can wait a couple of minutes.

Embarrassingly,  as I’m writing this, I recall a presentation for my Japanese language class. I wrote a scene with my fellow student, where both of us were in the toilet and discussing details of a karaoke session we were going for afterwards. Ah, the follies of youth…

Which brings me to a related point. Do not use your mobile phone in the toilet either! Barbara Pachter, author of “New Rules @ Work” says,

No one wants to be on the other end of a flushing toilet.

I doubt anyone has an interest in the fascinating sounds produced in water closets too.

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