Creating simple graphics for documents

What happens when you’re tasked with “beautifying” a web site? Or when you need to spruce up a document to add some colour? In both cases, the graphics required don’t even need to
be done by professionals, just good enough to be close to professional quality. The graphics aren’t even the main focus, nor will they make or break a deal.

What you need is an easy way to come up with something moderately good. What you need is Paint.NET. After you’ve set the software up (it’s free), draw some rectangles on the canvas.
Four rectangles

Then use the Radial Blur effect
Radial blur menu

Set it to say 10 degrees
Radial blur option

And you’ll get this
Radial blur result

Or you can experiment with the zoom effect
Zoom blur menu

Set the zoom amount to 30
Zoom blur option

With the zoom result below
Zoom blur result

Maybe you’re in the artsy mood for twisting
Twist effect menu

Set the twist amount to 20 and the quality to 5
Twist effect option

And the final result
Twist effect result

Ok fine, so they don’t look like much. But they can fill in the space for a top right corner of the web page or something. Or as an unobtrusive background of some header text. You can try using block colours, but they really look terrible. With some imagination, you can create some nifty graphics. Go to the tutorial forums of Paint.NET and get some ideas!