VS2008 not supporting .NET Framework 1.1

Visual Studio 2008 was just launched on 18 November. I’m excited and dejected at the same time. I’m probably going to have a tad bit of a challenge convincing the powers that be at my company that I really need to have VS2008 to do my work.

Anyway, since it’s out, I might as well go and have a look. I mean, really look at the niceties and stuff. I did a Google search, and found Scott’s blog entry on VS2008.

Unfortunately the VS 2008 multi-targeting support only works with .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0 and .NET 3.5 – and not against older versions of the framework. The reason for this is that there were significant CLR engine changes between .NET 1.x and 2.x that make debugging very difficult to support. In the end the costing of the work to support that was so large and impacted so many parts of Visual Studio that we weren’t able to add 1.1 support in this release.

What? I can’t target 1.1 anymore! I just managed to convince management that VS2005 was useful (with a 14-page proposal. Did I mention this before?).

I think the IT people in my company probably didn’t even know .NET Framework 2.0 hit the world. I didn’t even get to play with the cool stuff in VS2005 like master pages yet. Now there’s VS2008…

This is going to take some convincing work…