Audio Player plugin settings

I was just playing around with the Audio Player plugin for my first podcast. On the day of the post, I was a bit nervous, because I’ve never done a podcast before, and I didn’t know how it would look in an RSS feed reader.

So I subscribed to my own feed to make sure. It was a good thing I did. At the appointed time, I awaited eagerly, earnestly, even ecstatically. No post in my feed reader. Oh no. Ok, maybe FeedBurner was a little slow. So I waited a little longer.

60 agonising minutes later, I checked my feed again. No post! What happened? Turns out the options settings for the plugin were differently set for what I had in mind. I wanted a flash player for every audio file in the post, and I’ll manually provide a link for downloading it.

And what did I do? I set it such that it appears in a post but not in a feed. As a DIC member would say, “I am stupid”.

Quickly, I set things right. First, in the WordPress “Options” panel, under “Audio Player”, I set the following
Audio Player options settings
I checked the “Replace syntax” and the “Enclosure integration” options.

Then I set these
Audio Player feed options settings
This was the crucial one. There were two other selections for the dropdownlist, “Download link” and “Nothing”. Since I’m setting anchor links myself, and I wasn’t sure about “Custom”, I just set it to “Nothing”. I thought it meant the player or audio file won’t appear in the feed. Big wrong assumption. It literally meant nothing would be shown. Not a sound, not a word, not a letter, not even a full stop. As far as syndication was concerned, the post didn’t even exist. Just set this to “Custom” and you should be fine.

I saved all the settings, and checked my feed. All was well.

There were two audio files in that post, and I also found out only one can be enclosured (meaning only one is displayed at the end of a post), although more audio files (in the form of anchor links) can be included. Luckily, the first one I inserted in the post was the one I wanted.