Best of 2007

It’s near the end of the year, and it seems fitting to look back, to review. So I’m going to do a short recap, consolidating the best of what I’ve learnt or written.

In artificial intelligence

I wrote something about using multiple senses in developing games. It was something I tried out during my university days, and I joined an online team collaboration. The article was featured in AiGameDev. It eventually got Stumbled. Cool.

From Harry Potter

Learnt to ignore debilitating remarks from others. How else am I going to improve myself, if I keep trying to satisfying everyone else?

From embracing flat world syndrome

I tried outsourcing my blog design with disastrous results. Despite the horrendous experience, I still think outsourcing is ok. I just happen to have met the wrong service provider.

From working with dates and times

My work in .NET development often require me to manipulate date and time information to and from databases in code. I used a lot of time poring over the MSDN documentation about format descriptors… Get a head start by reading my article.

In Bezier curves

I did a lot of homework regarding Bezier curves, and surfaces in university. When I was developing my own camera class for use in a game, I wanted to trace an easy curve in 3D. I wanted to be able to define 4 points and the camera would follow a Bezier curve defined by those 4 points.

The problem? Bezier curves don’t pass through the middle 2 points out of the defined 4 points. So I came up with an algorithm to calculate the middle 2 points.

Ending 2007…

It is the holiday season (check out my office decorations). So go enjoy your holidays. And keep learning!