Office Christmas party

It’s the annual office Christmas eve party! I’ll be letting the pictures do most of the talking. First, when I reached the venue, this greeted me:
Christmas party prizes
Helllloooo prizes! The one on the extreme right is the 1st prize, a Brother printer.

Then I went checking out the place. Cupcakes!
Merry Christmas cupcakes
Of course, you weren’t looking at the cupcakes, right? You were eyeing the booze, right?

Next I moved on to the turkey.
Turkey dish
The other dishes were covered up, so I moved on to the view.
High view

I spotted some people playing with this contraption.
Roulette ball spinner
And no, it’s not used for the lucky draw. My guess was that it’s used to draw lots in a matching game, where they ask us for stuff and we’re supposed to come up with matching items. I realised how hard it was to find 2 mobile phones without camera functionality…

Just when I thought the only subjects willing to be photographed were inanimate, my colleague offered to be captured in bytes.
My colleagues
He also pulled in a friend. The one on the left’s An Le. The other one’s the brave soul Ming Chun. I was given explicit instructions to capture some of the background too.

So, how’s the lucky draw done? You see those balloons?
Prize balloons
One of them had my name in it. The organisers stuffed slips of paper with our names into the balloons. The fortunate ones would have their balloons pricked and names called out. The lucky draw would be conducted amidst exploding showers of balloon rubber, much clapping and hand shaking, and prize awarding.

And I won a notepad! Cool. I was running out of note paper at home…