Essays, washrooms and variables

I seem to be writing a lot more these days. As in longer in length. Such as the article on functional specs, the unhealthy focus on flaws, or the fear of authentication.

When I was younger, I hated writing stuff. I’m fairly fluent in English. I just hated the composition part. My mind was better at grasping at concepts, and using them in spurts. Making me write essays with a minimum length or number of words was torture. Geography and history were the bane of my studious years…

Mathematics suited me. Couple the conciseness of mathematical expression with elegant programming code, and here I am, a programmer. I’m actually surprised that I can write so much. I will vary the length of my articles more. Sometimes, short articles work just as well to bring my point across.

Anyway, I found someone who shares my opinion about talking in the toilet. See point number 2.

Then there’s the advice on keeping variable naming simple for purposes of competitions or tests. Because

the lifespan of the code is 30 minutes, not years or decades

Contrast that with variable naming for clarity, for easy maintenance, and for the sanity of your fellow programmers.

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