I changed my WordPress theme!

This is wonderful! It seems to be the standard to show before and after pictures, so here’s the “before” look:

Blue TicTac theme

This is the new look:

Polymath theme by Josh Sharp

Josh Sharp is my theme designer. I got acquainted with him through Entrecard. And the theme looks gorgeous! Wait, let me go look at it again… *wee, clap hands like a little child*

The old theme was adapted from the TicTac theme from the Blogger platform. It was nice with a moderate techy feeling. It was also a bit restrictive on width. Since I broke out of my web safe colour prison, I decided I want to break out of 800 by 600 pixel width too.

My initial attempt at outsourcing the blog design gave me nightmares, which thankfully disappeared quickly due to experience from frequent interactions with people and immense tolerance at code with WTF-like qualities.

Then I tried doing one up on my own. The designing was fine. It’s figuring out which PHP files I needed to use that’s the problem. After some frustration and much mulling over, I decided that learning PHP and WordPress theme creation was a skill I could do without. And I tried outsourcing again. So here we are.

  1. Aaron

    Great design, it’s very easy on the eyes. I’m not ready for a new theme yet. I need to build up some good content first.

  2. Vincent Tan

    I owe it to Josh for the theme. You can think about what elements you’d like to see and use first. Then when you feel you have enough content, you’ll have a better idea what you want.

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