Doubling effectiveness

How does one put in 200% effort? That’s just ridiculous.

How about if there are 2 people involved? Let’s see…
1.4142 * 1.4142 = 2

So each person puts in 141% effort.

What about if 10 people are involved?
1.071773 ^ 10 = 2
Just 7% more…

What if you own a company with 1000 employees?
1.0006933875 ^ 1000 = 2

Every employee just needs to do a little more, just 0.07% more.

No matter what you’re involved in, a community, a forum, a class project. All you need is to do just a little bit more. It will double the effectiveness of what you want to achieve, because it adds up.

  1. Vincent Tan

    Blame it on the corporate world. “Give out 110%”, “Perform at 120%”.

    To get better, we do need to break the 100% limit. Just not 10% more.

    Maybe 0.05% more. Then when we get used to the 100.05%, it becomes our new 100%. Then we break that limit some more. And so on.

    I just get riled when I hear phrases like “110% effectiveness”…

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