Random Quote – Program X not social networking site

Today, my users got into a tangle. All of them got into a database deadlock.

Now my users have this habit of opening multiple windows so as to “appear busy”. Granted, my application wasn’t designed and programmed with many concurrent users in mind. Still, if more than 2 of them happen to access the same table, or heaven forbid, performing an update or delete operation on that table, the database throws up its hands in defeat and promptly denies further access. This includes other users accessing other tables.

So I did an sp_who (it’s a Sybase database) and found out the perpetrators. Then I wrote an email telling those who were doing non-critical tasks (and not still performing database transactions) to get the heck out of my database and log out of the application. And not return until half an hour later. Nicely coached in diplomatic language of course.

One of them asked if another colleague could continue, since that person was still performing a transaction. I said “Of course.” I also added something in the email that I thought was interesting (on hindsight):

Program X is not a social networking site. Log in, do your thing and log out.

Yes, I was a bit peeved and slightly mischievous at the time.