Ousted by the network router

For the past few weeks, my home network router had been acting funny. Or my wireless network adaptor. The main computer plugs directly into the router. My computer connects to the router wirelessly.

The main computer has no problems surfing the Internet. My computer connects to the Internet in a hit-or-miss fashion, seemingly working only when the moon is in alignment with Saturn or a sparrow flaps its wings in exact accompaniment to one of Mozart’s musical compositions. After some troubleshooting, I found I could connect to another unencrypted router in my apartment block (that generous soul should be slightly worried about security). So my adaptor should be working fine. Well, I’m confused. I was never much of a hardware kind of guy…

Since my iPhone can only do so much in mitigating this Internet-less situation, I’ve decided to take a break in writing articles while I go fix this up (no Internet, harder to write articles). Say until… *looks at calendar* 10th May. You’re strong. You can handle not reading anything from me for about 3 weeks.

This isn’t the only reason for the break. Writing articles still doesn’t come easily to me, despite doing it for the better part of the past 2 years. There are also some stuff I have to sort out, which I can’t do if I’m doing stuff on the Internet at my current level of involvement.

Lately, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by social media and attending some of the social events and “socialising” in general (yes, I see the irony in the double quotes…). My friends on Twitter, Facebook and Plurk are about 100 on each of those networks. Feel free to add me! Wait, didn’t I just say I was overwhelmed… Does it always take being overwhelmed to really appreciate close, face-to-face, honest, and fun meetings with friends?

I’ve been trying to reclaim some personal time. I remember reading books and playing video games. I’m not doing much of each these days. Through an introduction on Plurk, I got to know someone who’s a Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons! Awesome! Try listening to a D&D podcast to understand how it’s played.

There’s some preparation I need to do, and hopefully I’ll get to play a session or two during this break of mine. Hopefully at least one session. Then I’ll tell you all the captivating details of how I nearly died bringing down the orc king Brull the Numbskull. If it means anything to you, I plan to play an eladrin wizard.

“But what am I going to do during this ill-conceived break of yours?” you ask.

Uhm, uh, let me introduce a few of my friends to you then.

I will still answer email and be on the social networks, albeit slower in response and less frequently. If you have any ideas you want to discuss, feel free to contact me. I might be so interested that I’m compelled to write something on it!

Now to fix my network router…

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