Carcerian Stones – The one with blue robes

We’re continuing the D&D adventure story. Previously, the party found themselves surrounded by skeletons. We have Ryan the human DM, Dan playing Toth the goliath warden, James playing Heoriss the eladrin invoker, Ian playing Iofae the eladrin sorcerer, and Klenn playing Phileas the half-elf bard. And now…


Clanking softly, a skeleton clad in chainmail closed in on Toth, slashing with its sword. Another skeleton swung its sword on Phileas, while its brethren rained arrows on Heoriss and Iofae.

“Feel the light!” shouted Heoriss. The air blurred around him, and he vanished… into the midst of the archer skeletons. A column of pure white light burst from Heoriss. As the light enveloped the skeletons, lightning was already dancing on Iofae’s hands. 3 of the archers fell as dust, and Iofae pointed at the remaining archer. Lightning danced from his hands to the archer, disintegrating it, and danced again to the skeleton attacking Phileas.

Phileas moved around to shield Iofae, and swiped at the skeleton’s neck, dislodging its skull in the process.

Dan: How come I always get the hard ones?
James: Because you’re the defender. Now go defend us!

Toth swung his greataxe at the chainmail skeleton, staggering it. The skeleton seemed unaffected by the blow, and swung its sword upwards at Toth and nicked his arm. A beam of light, a crackling of lightning, and a well-timed sword thrust, and the skeleton collapsed.

The giant form of Mathea flew out from the cottage door, and he hit the ground with a groan. The wolf creature stood at the door, black drops of blood dripping. Mathea pointed at it, and vines burst from the ground to wrap around the creature’s feet. It howled, and black tendrils wrapped around Mathea, slowly engulfing him, and he disappeared. The creature stood still, staring at the party for a while. Then it lifted its maw and howled again, and it too disappeared in tendrils of black.

“Mathea!” Toth knelt at where the great goliath laid before he disappeared. The baying of wolves sounded in the distance. “We have to move now. I don’t think the creature’s done with us yet.” Phileas placed his hands on Toth’s shoulders.

“We can’t go back to the village.” Heoriss looked at Iofae. “The creature already found us there.”

“You came from Havenswerd, didn’t you?” Iofae asked Phileas. “We can go there.”

“And there’s an abbey along the way. We can seek shelter there for the night. Come on, Toth!”

The party moved quickly, staying in the trees to avoid detection, but close to the road. The road was clear, but they didn’t want to try outrunning the wolves on flat ground without any cover. Several times, shadowy forms sprinted ahead of them. The howling was getting louder.

“Why aren’t they attacking?” panted Phileas.
“They’re waiting for the entire pack!” Toth shouted. “Keep running!”

“Get away from my brother!” Heoriss blasted lightning at a vicious canine closing in.
“And get away from mine too!” Iofae cracked lightning at another wolf behind them.

“There’s the abbey! On the road!” Phileas sprinted left, and the rest followed.

4 figures shot out from the edge of the forest, running straight for a simple structured building across a well-travelled road. As they did, a swarm of wolves emerged from the forest as well, barking and howling. Toth reached the other side of the road, turned around and hefted his greataxe. The others fled past him.

Ian: Wait, what are you doing?
Dan: Role playing. *winked at Ryan*
James: Cool, a last stand! I’m in.
Dan: Besides, Ryan’s not gonna let us die like this. Something’s gonna happen. I wanna see what it is.
Ryan: *sigh* Busted… Not giving it to you so easily though.

A particularly savage wolf lunged at Toth. Another snapped at Iofae. “To battle!” as Phileas struck back. Toth rammed his attacker towards the other wolf, and it burst into flame as Iofae backed away.

“What did I tell you about keeping away from my brother?” Heoriss flew shards of solid light towards the wolves. One of the wolves howled in pain as the flames consumed it. The other continued to snap at Toth. Toth brought his greataxe down on the wolf and fell it. As another 3 wolves entered the fray.

Dan: Any time now…
Ryan: *laughing* ok, fine…

A sonorous hymn was heard. A group of 5 humans, dressed in plain white robes, moved towards the party, their voices slow and steady. The advancing wolves had stopped in their tracks, swaying gently in the grasp of the song. “Come with me,” said the closest of them.

Dan: That was some “You shall not pass” moment…
Klenn: I say we take it. I’m all out of powers.

“The wolves will be of no further trouble to you. For now, simply rest.” And he showed them into the abbey, and provided rooms for them to sleep.

Ian: That was tough. I was about to use my daily power.
James: Yeah, me too.
Ian: Thing is, I don’t know what mine’ll do. It’s random.
Ryan: Well, I’m not quite done yet.
James and Ian: WHAT!
Ryan: Nothing to worry about. It’s story time.

That night, all of them had the same dream. It was the abbey, the same one they’re staying at. The sky darkened, and the grass field around the abbey blurred, and tall trees of bright green stood around the abbey. The leaves swayed wildly as they’re buffeted by the wind. Above the abbey, the clouds opened up and shimmering waters floated. Upside down.

A tall man emerged from among the trees, his blue robes staying still without so much as a ruffle. As he marvelled at the scene, a small part of the shimmering waters closed up, and a dark vortex swirled, threatening to suck everything up.

A black orb dropped from the vortex onto the ground, and a creature with four legs stood. It looked curiously at the tall man, and then it loped away. His eyebrows creased ever so slightly. Then he looked around him one more time, and held his hands out in front of him.

Misty particles floated between his hands, formed by a trickle of the glowing water above. Leaves flying in the wind formed a circular wall around the man. The light in his hands grew brighter and brighter. And then it was gone.

And the man held two babies in his arms. His eyebrows creased ever so slightly again. “Odd.” he said.

to be continued… here.

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