Stuff I am doing lately

I had a tumultuous past month (or so).

My network adaptor died on me, and since my computer then was about 5 years old, I thought “Why not just get a new computer?” So I did.

Due to some personal reasons, I feel a bit worn out. So I’m putting that ebook project on hold for a while. Partly because I’m also channelling my energy to another blog. Please visit Honeybeech, where I tell stories, mainly about my Dungeons & Dragons gameplay adventures.

Rest assured that I’m still here. So I’ll be writing math and programming topics here at Polymath Programmer, and RPG/fantasy/fiction stuff over at Honeybeech.

Because even programmers need to eat (as in “eat properly”, despite whatever you’ve heard about pizzas and fizzy drinks), I’m writing an ebook as a D&D game supplement. It’s called Math Wizard (I know, it’s so “me”, right?), and the character’s powers are mostly based on math and science concepts.

Considering all my options, I believe I have a better chance at making “Math Wizard” work better than “Discipline and Deflection” (the original ebook project). I also believe the former can inspire more people and ignite their imagination and curiosity than the latter. I will still create both, and I’m just constrained by time and effort.

A friend also introduced me to a book store here in Singapore called BooksActually. They have a sister branch called “Polymath & Crust”. Awesome! They have the word “polymath” in it. I have to visit that book store.

Polymath & Crust

The store is located at No. 86 Club Street Singapore 069454, if you’re interested.
[Disclosure: I’m not paid by them. I even bought a book. See below.]

We went in, and it was a quaint little place, carrying books that you don’t see in major book stores. My friend bought himself a dictionary of symbols, and I bought a dictionary of mathematics.

Dictionary of Mathematics

Even their paper bag is interesting. I wonder what that interesting shape mean?

Polymath & Crust paper bag