Why women land their feet completely on a step when climbing stairs

Why are we talking about this? It began with the end of a work day. My bus stop was on the other side of the road, and I started climbing the stairs of the overhead bridge. My mind wandered, and fantasised about what kind of story I was going to spin useful fact I could write to entertain and educate you.

Tanned legs

I observed that women, while climbing stairs, put their entire foot, tip to heel, on the step. Men, on the other hand, tend to climb with the balls of their feet/shoes. I had witnessed this many a time in the past, and today, I’m determined to write it down.

I will give you the gut-feeling, no-research-done and completely-pulled-from-the-air answer. So why do women land their feet completely on a step when climbing stairs?

Because women wear high heels.

The flat bottom at the front of women’s high heel shoes is the only non-trivial-surface part meant for contact with another surface. The high heel is supposed to help keep it flat with a surface.

Men’s shoes are (mostly) flat. This give men an extra option. A typical step is just slightly wider than a typical human’s foot, lengthwise. Men, for whatever reason, have a higher tendency to run up the stairs. In order to avoid stubbing their toes, they only step with the front half of their shoes.

Thus the reasoning for the observation that women place their foot completely on a step while climbing, whereas men climb with only half of their foot.

Disclaimer: The reasoning is pulled from the ethers of imagination mixed with baseless presumptions, but the observation is real. Your task is to verify if the observation is true. And if so, come up with your own reasoning and deductions.

[image by Emanuele Tortora]

  1. Dave Doolin

    When you’re walking a woman in high heels, guide her gently around obstacles such as sidewalk cracks, manhole covers, air vents and storm sewer grates.

    Any of these can grab a heel and rip it right off her shoe.

    Bummer considering how much women pay for shoes!

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