First programming product almost done

As I mentioned earlier, I’m preparing a guide to creating Excel files using just code and the Open XML SDK. I’m calling it “Excel Open XML From Scratch” (nice name, huh?). All the source code (C# and VB.NET) had been written and tested. They work! Yay!

So now, I’m writing the accompanying PDF to explain the code and concepts. As mentioned before, I’m targeting a “before Christmas” launch. Now that we’re nearer the date, I can confidently tell you that it’s going to be sometime within the next few days. It will be released on 17 December. This gives you a week before Christmas to get this as a present for yourself or a programmer friend.

The price will be set at USD 17 (see actual price on product page), which I believe is a fair price considering that it will save you hours of work. Think about how much you’re paid per hour. Probably more than the price of this product. Hmm… I might even have to increase the price…

This is my first programming-related product, so I’m really excited by this. If you don’t really care about C#, VB.NET, Open XML or Excel, then I apologise. Just ignore any related posts for the immediate couple of weeks.