Tim Coulter and ExtremeML OpenXML library

If you’re creating Excel spreadsheets using C# and Open XML SDK, consider Tim’s excellent library ExtremeML. It can dramatically cut the number of lines of code you write. Then you can pretend you’re still feverishly working on that code while playing WoW. Tim also said this about my Open XML programming guide:

I know from personal experience how easy it is to become overwhelmed by the complexity of OpenXML, but your guide takes away the pain by presenting simple, modular solutions to many of the common challenges that developers face when creating Excel spreadsheets from code. I highly recommend this to any C# or VB.NET developer who’s getting started with OpenXML, and especially to those who have already hit the frustration barrier.

That’s nice.

Disclosure: I gave Tim a complimentary copy of my guide. He commented on my articles about Open XML, and I found him asking questions on StackOverflow. That’s where I learned the Double Underscore hack (more info in my guide).

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