Trying To Fly


Trying To Fly

This was a demo I wrote way back in 2004. It runs against the .NET Framework (version 1.1 back then). Wow, it’s been a while…

In the demo, I tell a story of a wooden cuckoo bird trying to fly. All the shapes were rendered using primitives such as spheres, cuboids and 2D planes. Textures were generated using a 3D renderer (Bryce 4). The sounds were downloaded from 3D Cafe, and were listed on the “free” page. While I can’t remember the exact licensing (which wasn’t a big deal back in 2004), I went to the Wayback Machine and checked. There were no licensing terms, either to credit the individual or 3D Cafe.

You can download the demo here.

I wrote a 3D engine called Visionary for my own purposes, which was used to render the demo. It generates 3D primitives (spheres, planes, cuboids) with or without texture mapping. The engine also had support to play sound and music. And I lost the source code to it. The DLL is Visionary.dll, so if you have a good .NET decompiler, I give you permission to use it. I’d appreciate it if you could also send me a copy.

Note that some of the sounds will be loud. Take care of your ears. I tried to edit the sound files, but apparently they were so old that I can’t edit them with Audacity. I can only play them. Maybe I missed something…