Hey there! I’m Vincent Tan and I write about diverse topics involving, surrounding, and sometimes diverging, from the topics of programming (it’s ok, you’re tough) and mathematics (it’s still ok, because you’re really tough). I also write about writing, publishing, design, entrepreneurship, online business and other seemingly esoteric topics.

I wrote a software library called SpreadsheetLight, which allows you to easily create and modify spreadsheets. I also wrote an Open XML spreadsheet reference manual.

I’m also the editor of an online magazine Singularity which covers diverse topics for curious artists and scientists. It’s now on indefinite publication hiatus, but you can read the archived issues here.

In a past life, I was a software developer in Singapore, working mainly with C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET. I also worked with SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase databases, Windows and Unix/Linux servers, and C and shell scripts amongst other things. I’ve worked in a major telecommunications company, a software house, and a startup company. And before that, somehow, I managed to graduate from National University of Singapore, majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science.

Contact me about questions, ideas, or tell me what a great day you had (that’s always nice).

Vincent Tan