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Action by reference

The son hits his finger and the father feels the pain, regardless of where the father is (or possibly when the father was/is… uh, what?). But that’s the image I get from the source code I’ve been reading lately. And I’ve been reading a lot of source code (it’s for research). Here’s an example: TheFather […]


SpreadsheetLight version 2

My spreadsheet software library is now version 2! Major updates include speed and memory optimisations, as well as a ton of chart support. If you need a spreadsheet library, consider SpreadsheetLight. It can generate 54 million cells in 6+ minutes and taking only about 3.1 GB of RAM at any one time. Your web server, […]


How to properly use OpenXmlWriter to write large Excel files

Brian Jones already wrote something on using the OpenXmlWriter with the Open XML SDK to write large Excel files. There are a couple of things that weren’t mentioned though. OpenXmlWriter works best for creating new things For the purposes of explanation, we’ll assume the “new thing” is a new worksheet, although OpenXmlWriter can be used […]


How to create an Open XML spreadsheet bar chart

Today, you’re going to learn how to insert a bar chart into an Open XML spreadsheet. Frankly speaking, the basics apply to the other types of charts, so if you master this, you can figure out how to create the other charts. First, download the source code and the resulting Excel file. I’m not going […]


Future of spreadsheets

So I was checking some site statistics for my spreadsheet library website and I found an interesting search phrase: “open xml excel future”. The person might have been checking how important spreadsheets are in the future. Or maybe just checking if Microsoft Excel is still around. Spreadsheets are still going to be used in future. […]


Setting it free

It was the hardest, most painful decision I had to make in a long while. I had worked hard on the project. I downloaded a few open-source versions of similar projects for comparison. I went through the use cases, on how to do certain tasks with those open-source projects. Then I went to a couple […]