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I had to calm the f*ck down

About 3 years ago, the stress was slowly killing me. So back then I was working on my own business, using some of the money I earned as a software consultant, and running a company as the CEO/director. The consultancy job required me to travel an obscene distance taking an absurd amount of time to […]


Academic self-publishing

As of this writing, I’ve worked in the academic industry for slightly over 3 months. More on this later. Claire Morgan sent me this article on academic self-publishing. There are good points and bad points regarding self-publishing, which are exaggerated particularly so for the academic industry. I should know, since I’m making a web application […]


In The Mirror (cover)

This is one of my favourite piano pieces by Yanni. I’m not a pianist. I’ve never taken piano lessons. I’m like grade -1 or something. This took me over a dozen tries… Credits and permission granted from: Music by Yanni 23rd Street publishing Inc/Yanni Music Publishing (ASCAP) Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved


Passion problems

It was a fluke. I just fell into the spreadsheet business. My main products currently, both in writing and in code, revolve around spreadsheets. Specifically around Excel workbooks or spreadsheets or files or whatever you call them. I like programming and writing code. I’m great at it. I just didn’t specifically choose making spreadsheet libraries. […]


The sparrow is complete

It is a time of change. Some people give up and wait for changes to happen to them. Some people take action and make changes happen. Don’t be the former. Previously, I summarised the recent developments in the online business world. Despite the opportunities available, it’s still easier to just sit back and do what […]


Research survey

I’m conducting a research survey thing. I made it easier for you to help. Go to this page to answer 3 questions (plus an email address of yours if you want a compiled summary of answers). Thanks!


A research/questionnaire project

Hey you! Yeah, you. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, thanks! If you’re new, welcome! In any case, I’m doing a research/questionnaire project, and I’d like your help. You just have to answer these questions: What are your biggest frustrations/problems right now? What do you want to learn about right now? […]