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Regular polygon equation (solved)

So I’ve finally solved this. You can read about the background and context for the question on: Is there an equation to describe regular polygons? Regular polygon equation This is the Wolfram Alpha friendly command: polarplot [ cos(Pi/7)/cos( | (t mod (2Pi/7)) – (2Pi/(2*7)) | ) , {t,0,2Pi}] That will generate a regular polygon with […]


Regular polygon equation

A while ago, a blog reader named BJ (he seems to prefer being called BJ. He? *checks email…* Yeah, he) emailed me with his answer to this question: Is there an equation to describe regular polygons? I’m not clever enough to do much editing and explanation, so I’ll post his email (got his permission and […]


Smooth Bezier splines

Apparently, having mathematically defined curves that pass through a set of desired points is a thing. And (cubic) Bezier splines are popular for this. Professor Dagan (mentioned previously) sent me a link. Smooth B├ęzier Spline Through Prescribed Points The article outlines a method that given a set of points you want your Bezier curve to […]


Bezier curves prefer tea

My maths professor was hammering on the fact that Citroen used Bezier curves to make sure their cars have aesthetically pleasing curves. Again. (This is not a sponsored post from the automaker). While I appreciate his effort in trying to make what I’m learning relevant to the real world, I kinda got the idea that […]


Negative sales targets and percentage commissions

A while ago, I received an email from a distraught salesman. He believed his sales commissions were wrongly calculated, and asked me to shed some light. Note that I’m not using the exact numbers he gave in his email. The story goes that Michael (as I’ll call him) and his colleagues were given sales targets […]