Colossal computer coding

Jumping fish, lazing cat, right-handed piano keyboard playing and more than 2000 lines of source code written.

You can try to guess what’s the music piece I’m practising on. I’m almost ready… and I’ll have a recording up then.

Rain, then after (short film)

It rained suddenly just when I wanted to capture some outdoor footage. I might as well make use of the wet weather…

Also, I dug up my 10 (?) year old keyboard!

Agatha Christie triumphs over Snow-Eater, Mario and Final Fantasy

I was clearing a part of a cupboard so my brother could store his collection of Agatha Christie books. I thought I might as well let you see what kind of junk I had… Among the contents were my university prospectus, game cartridges (from Sega and Super Famicon), comic book sword collectibles and tons of game guides and manuals.

Happy Song

I played the piano part on my iPhone using the Virtuoso app.

Virtuoso app

Wait, how does it know I’m looking for lov… uh, I mean, hmmm… that’s an interesting advertisement.

Curse of the Cantonese Chick

I’m just recalling something that happened when I was in junior college…

Hey, I’m getting better at video editing.

And have a happy Valentine’s Day!