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Singularity Magazine September 2011

In this issue, I interviewed Teresa Deak aka Picsie Chick, a photographer. I also went to the Asian Civilisations Museum for the Terracotta Warriors exhibit. Read the magazine for more photos of my trip. Download the September issue (about 5 MB). Subscribe to the magazine for free here.


Singularity Magazine August 2011

In this issue of Singularity, you’ll read my interview with Dave Doolin, who writes at Website In A Weekend. We talked about the US economy, the prospects of being a generalist in Singapore and WordPress. He’s also on Twitter @websiteweekend. Download the August 2011 issue (about 11 MB). And if you haven’t watched it, I […]


Singularity Magazine May 2011

In this May issue of Singularity, we have interviews with molecular-genetics-researcher-turned-author Beverly Akerman (who wrote The Meaning of Children) and 9 year old go-kart-racing Ricky Springer. I also covered an event by professor Joe Winston on “Beauty, Education and the Well-being of Children”. Download the May 2011 issue. In exciting magazine news, we also have […]


Singularity Magazine April 2011

For April 2011, we have our “thickest” magazine issue ever. 95 pages! Even I’m surprised… Download the April 2011 issue of Singularity magazine (about 11MB). I have the pleasure of interviewing Thom Chambers, a fellow magazine editor who runs the In Treehouses magazine. You might notice that I’m sort of slowing down writing for the […]