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Singularity Magazine February 2011

Chinese New Year is on the 3rd February 2011. So in this issue of Singularity, I will tell you how red packets came about, and why they contain money (it involves the story of Nian). You didn’t know red packets contain money? Well, now you know. I also have an interview with Karol Gajda, entrepreneur, […]


Singularity Magazine December 2010

The end of the year will soon be upon us. The magic elves at Singularity HQ had been hard at work to bring you a whopping 79 page issue, brimming with illustrations and photos. In this December issue, you will meet Matt Pearce, a digital artist and illustrator. Read about the difficult start to his […]


Singularity Magazine November 2010

The November issue of Singularity is available. Get it now. It’s free. In this issue, we have: An interview with Iain Broome, fiction writer and copywriter. You’ll find out his Post-it system while writing his novel, A is for Angelica. A book review of Chris Guillebeau‘s new book, The Art of Non-Conformity (Amazon link). My […]


Singularity Magazine September 2010

In this September 2010 issue, I have an exclusive interview with Parker Emmerson (also mentioned previously), a mathematician, musician and artist. We talked about his art and how he used mathematics to create images. Download the September 2010 issue. It’s free. Other articles include: The business of iPhone apps (yay, finally, a tech article!) How […]


Singularity Magazine August 2010

Ok, an announcement first. I asked, you spoke, and I listened. Singularity is now free (I can already hear people rejoicing and crying for joy). Download the August issue. In this issue, Are you present-focussed or future-facing? A little milk, a little space. A little fruit, a little taste. Our cover story: From fruitarians to […]


Singularity Magazine July 2010

Well, frankly speaking, I didn’t think I’d make it this far. But hey whaddayaknow, the July 2010 issue of Singularity is out! Buy it now! Update: Singularity is now available free of charge. Download the July issue now. In this issue, A discussion on our Earth, the ecology as a whole and the environment. There’s […]