Do you need to make Excel spreadsheets using Open XML? Do you find that tedious and difficult and hard to understand?

Then without further ado, right here, you can get a programming manual that will teach you how to make Open XML spreadsheets. There’s also another programming manual that will teach you how to make charts in Excel, Open XML style. And finally, there’s a short course that will guide you through the intricate details of how to make all that you’ve learnt above to actually work in practice.

I assume you’re not here to buy a programming guide, flip through it a couple of times, and then flip your hands in the air and give up and go drink a margarita.

Individually, those would cost USD 125 in total. But now, you can get them in a bundle! For just USD 100!

You can find out the details on the respective pages (click on the images and links).

Spreadsheet Open XML From Scratch

Click here for details.

Spreadsheet Open XML Charts

Click here for details.

OpenXML Spreadsheet Boot Camp

OpenXML Spreadsheet Boot Camp is a training course teaching you how to get from a given Excel spreadsheet to code that generates that spreadsheet. This is compatible with the Spreadsheet Open XML From Scratch guide book.
Click here for more details.

Accelerate your Open XML learning

Get all 3 for just USD 100.