Time is circular

It’s the end of the year 2009. There’s also something you should know. I’m not affected much by holidays, as in I don’t do anything special on or for them. To me, they’re like another Sunday. The days pretty much blur into each other.

Time is circular. Seasons change, things change, people change, stuff happens, but time goes on. In fact, we humans can’t comprehend how time continues to go on and on (except for the movie Titanic, but that’s another story…) that we have to break it up. Like years, and months, and days.

Time is circular. In fact, the very notion of time itself is questionable. Sure the sun rises at dawn, and sets at dusk. You think the sun cares that you designated a time called “dawn” and “dusk” for it to rise and set? The sun just happened. It just spun all 9 (sorry Pluto) 8 planets around it, while orbiting another larger source of gravity. What does time mean?

Time is circular. In fact, if you think about it, space and time are the same. If you walked from one spot to another, how far did you cover? What if I asked you how long you took? Is it the same? What if you didn’t move, and just sat there for an hour? It just meant it took you one hour to move zero metres.

Time is, perhaps, an illusion.

I started out with the goal of thanking you for reading my blog, for tolerating some of my inane writings, for finding something useful out of others. Then my mind wandered, and I wrote something philosophical, and very likely another one of those inane writings I mentioned. Let me get back on track.

It’s been about 2 and half years since I started writing. Perhaps you found a programming article useful. Perhaps you found a funny article. Perhaps you corrected me on a blatant mistake. Perhaps you’re too shy to voice your opinions (I know, I’m psychic, remember?).

I thank you.

Yes, even you, the mutant genius squirrel who’s living in some forest plotting world domination. Wait… what am I talking about…

My goals for 2010 are:

  • Create a small business selling game/RPG products at Honeybeech
  • Get better at math
  • Get better at programming
  • Get better at writing
  • Make people laugh (in a good way)
  • Tell better stories
  • World domination

Since time is circular, there’s no real point in setting goals just for the new year. You should be doing that all the time, and readjusting as needed anyway. But hey, I need to change my calendar, so it’s a good time as any.

What are your goals?

And this has been brought to you by the entirely self-serving advertisement of the Math Wizard, possibly the smartest RPG character you’ll ever play.

Bloggers Calendar 2009

About a month ago, I was invited to participate in a project that’s never been done in Singapore before: A calendar for 2009 featuring bloggers in Singapore. It turned out well, and so yeah, the rest of this is going to sound narcissistic…

Still here? Ok, I’m not going into the details of how this came about. The summary is that a few people organised it and the lot of us went to a studio to get our photos taken. I’m born in June, and I’m featured on that month together with another June baby. Here’s me:

Bloggers calendar June 2009

The pretty lady has an equally pretty handle: clicktokill. You do not want to mess with her…

I bought 6 hard copies of the calendar, each month printed on glossy photographic material (I don’t know the technical term for it…) with a cover page. For the life of me, I can’t remember why I ordered 6… Thus I’ve got a couple extra, so if you’re interested (really?), I can send one to you (email me with your address) even if you’re not in Singapore (I’m feeling generous).

Or you can head on over to the web version which was done by Darran (he did a great job on that). Then you can download a zip file with the images yourself. Have a look at the other bloggers while you’re there!

And special thanks to Willy from LiveStudios, who’s the photographer capturing us on film. If you’re in Singapore and looking for photographers, you know who to ask for.