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Sometimes, medium is everything

I sucked at arts and crafts. So when my primary school arts teacher told the class to come up with our own art projects to submit, I wasn’t too happy. Luckily, I had a children’s encyclopedia (yes, it was still a thing back then…) and I flipped through the arts and crafts book… And found […]


I do landscape drawing too

For whatever reason, I was seized by the urge to try drawing. I was browsing in a Times bookstore, and I happened on this drawing kit. It consisted of a CD of about an hour of an artist teaching you how to draw. There’s also an instruction book for you to follow along. That was […]


Lament of an artist

I recently came upon a tweet by Kathy Sierra. Here it is: So I went ahead and downloaded the PDF file and read it through. Man did it resonate! Here’s a quote that practically captured the essence: Mathematics is an art – Paul Lockhart Lockhart was describing how the current education in America was eroding […]


Market of artists and designers

Also known as MAAD. It’s held at the Red Dot Design Museum (in Singapore) every first weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of the month. My friends brought me to this place, and it’s amazing! Hand-painted shoes, intricately sewn clothes and detailed design in jewellery. What caught my eye was the stall on origami. The artist’s specialty […]