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Closing my company was painful

I never thought closing my company would be such a relief. Three years ago, about this time of the year, I was preparing the final documents for the very last Annual General Meeting for my company. I was doing so as both the (sole) company director and the CEO. Before that, I had already sent […]


The sparrow is complete

It is a time of change. Some people give up and wait for changes to happen to them. Some people take action and make changes happen. Don’t be the former. Previously, I summarised the recent developments in the online business world. Despite the opportunities available, it’s still easier to just sit back and do what […]


Still like coding

I’ve been on both sides of the employment fence. I’ve been an employee at a startup, a software company and a telecommunications company. I’m currently working for myself. Of all the activities, I still like coding. Because it allows me to solve problems of a nature that’s programmatically solvable. Customer service I’ve worked with customer […]


Cost of an MBA

Here’s an infographic on the cost of an MBA. And steep tuition is continuing to climb further while salaries stay stagnant. That applies even if it’s just a normal degree. Less people are hiring MBAs Really? It might have something to do with being overqualified. Of all US Presidents, only 1 has an MBA: George […]


Why I say NO by default

I have a very sensitive uh, BS detector, bordering on paranoia. It didn’t used to be that way. There were a couple of times where a stranger walked up to me and asked me for $10. He lost his wallet and his bicycle, and he needed to get home. By taxi (or cab for you […]


Prepaid Postpaid Convergence

What’s one of the most important concerns of any business? Getting paid. What’s the next most important concern of any business? Getting paid on time. There’s this concept called the “prepaid postpaid convergence”, which hailed from the telecommunications industry (where I spent the majority of my professional life in). You’re probably on a postpaid mobile […]