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Online business mentorship

In case you missed it, I’m offering to help you with starting your own small online business. You don’t have to pay for it, at least not with money. Basically, you help me write a few articles, or in whatever form of contribution you can give (I’m flexible). And in return, I help you to […]


Offering you a business mentorship opportunity

Times are hard. Students are treading water in a deep pool of student loan debt. The unemployment rate is high. Those without jobs wonder how they’re going to feed themselves. Those with jobs wonder if they can keep their jobs. While the financial markets have caused much trouble, occupying some prominent financial street isn’t enough. […]


Negative sales targets and percentage commissions

A while ago, I received an email from a distraught salesman. He believed his sales commissions were wrongly calculated, and asked me to shed some light. Note that I’m not using the exact numbers he gave in his email. The story goes that Michael (as I’ll call him) and his colleagues were given sales targets […]


My first product sucked like a black hole

You’d think after 3 years of studying Internet marketing, learning e-commerce stuff such as web hosting, payment gateways, shopping carts, email autoresponders and the like, as well as reading tons of books on business, marketing, leadership, finance, and other entrepreneurial-related topics, that my first commercial online product would have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. It […]


“Startup founder” is not a career promotion for programmers

It’s a completely different career ladder. In his book, “The E-Myth”, Michael Gerber identified 3 personas: the Technician, the Manager, and the Entrepreneur. Face it, you’re a Technician. And Michael identified a singularly fatal assumption: If you understand the technical work of a business, you understand a business that does that technical work. And that […]


Success and failure business stories

I think people sometimes attach too much emotional importance to successes and failures, even with other people’s successes and failures. “I don’t want to hear about failure stories.” With the implicit suggestion that hearing about failures somehow attract failures into their lives. While true to some point, I feel for the most part, it borders […]


Anatomy of a sleazy information product

I think I’ve recovered sufficiently from my ordeal, with sufficient time having passed, that I can talk about it to you now. Back in November 2009 (judging from the file timestamps), I bought an information product. Not just any information product. It’s one of those “how to make money online” products. SSHHHH!! I hear something… […]