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Still like coding

I’ve been on both sides of the employment fence. I’ve been an employee at a startup, a software company and a telecommunications company. I’m currently working for myself. Of all the activities, I still like coding. Because it allows me to solve problems of a nature that’s programmatically solvable. Customer service I’ve worked with customer […]


Code like a rockstar

There’s a new course available from Polymath Lectures called “Code Like a Rockstar”. Here’s an excerpt from the course description: Taught by a successful Google Software Engineer and Computer Science Ph. D., this 5-session online masterclass will teach you expert-level coding techniques and practices which will get your code noticed by companies such as Facebook, […]


Multi-use variables or multiple variables?

So I’ve been working on a software project of mine. I’ll tell you more about it soon enough, but for now, it’s enough to say that I’m writing source code that generates source code. One thing I’ve noticed is variable declaration. There are 2 extremes. One variable used multiple times This is the memory-efficient version. […]


Podcast: Why programmers write stupid code

Need I tell you, again, how my first recording failed abysmally? Probably not. And here I am, doing another audio recording. Plus the fact that I got a new headset and I want to play with it. To be honest, I learned a few things. I speak quite fast normally, and when my speech gets […]