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Cost of an MBA

Here’s an infographic on the cost of an MBA. And steep tuition is continuing to climb further while salaries stay stagnant. That applies even if it’s just a normal degree. Less people are hiring MBAs Really? It might have something to do with being overqualified. Of all US Presidents, only 1 has an MBA: George […]


Students don’t graduate because…

… because they’ve lost hope. They’ve lost hope that: they can fulfill degree requirements (some subjects are tough!) they can actually graduate (more importantly) they can graduate in a shorter time so they pay less tuition fees they can get a good job with that degree And so they give up. They’ve lost hope. They […]


University degrees and debt

Make the time and money you spend while studying in university count. The value of a degree doesn’t fluctuate much, year to year. But if you take just one year longer to obtain that degree, it means you’ve wasted one year of your life and another few thousands of dollars in tuition fees. Which means […]


Cartesian coordinates and transformation matrices

If you’re doing any work in 3D, you will need to know about the Cartesian coordinate system and transformation matrices. Cartesian coordinates are typically used to represent the world in 3D programming. Transformation matrices are matrices representing operations on 3D points and objects. The typical operations are translation, rotation, scaling. 2 dimensional Cartesian coordinates You […]