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Teresa Deak, PicsieChick

In the September 2011 issue of my magazine, I had an interview with Teresa Deak, a photographer who likes to take macro shots. I also have some photos of my visit to the Asian Civilisations Museum that’s exclusive to the magazine. So go download it now. The demo mentioned in the video is 74293945 by […]


E-zines: eco-friendly, evolved publishing, easy creation

That was the title of my Barcamp presentation on 9 October 2010. I thought the alliteration was a nice touch. *smile* Based on the lessons I learnt from my last Barcamp presentation, I needed a title that’s easy to understand and had enough “hook” words to “bait” the wandering attention of Barcamp attendees. And I […]


7th Annual Scene.org Awards

If you’re in Germany, go check out Breakpoint 2009, held from 10th to 13th April 2009. It’s when the winners of the Scene.org award nominees will be announced. 3 of the nominated demos were also featured here. Well, 2 actually. The third was discussed in an issue of the newsletter, which is “Metamorphosis” by Andromeda […]


Path of a Polymath Programmer Part 6

I’ve covered a number of topics that have little to do with programming, yet contributed significantly to my programming skills. Here’s a recap of everything so far: Part 1 – The beginning Part 2 – Role playing games and computer super spies Part 3 – Typewriters, juxtaposition and XT86 Part 4 – Console games and […]


If you don’t watch these 5 demos now, you’ll hate yourself later

Never heard of demos? Well, start. Because being a polymath programmer means you need to appreciate the expertise and knowledge in making one. In simple terms, a demo is a multimedia program, where you just watch and listen. There’s usually visual effects. There’s music, usually playing in sync with the visual effects. There might be […]