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OSBC Launch

My Open XML spreadsheet course is up! Click here for details. So here’s an interesting tidbit. Writing lesson 3 (recognising styles) was the most tedious part for me. It was unbearably boring for me. It was all I could do to slog through writing each word, coming up with screenshots and writing up example source […]


Students don’t graduate because…

… because they’ve lost hope. They’ve lost hope that: they can fulfill degree requirements (some subjects are tough!) they can actually graduate (more importantly) they can graduate in a shorter time so they pay less tuition fees they can get a good job with that degree And so they give up. They’ve lost hope. They […]


Nobody hires a dodo hunter

My mom has a Vietnamese colleague with a law degree. Apparently, it’s more lucrative to sell cookware in Singapore than practise law in Vietnam. White collar jobs, welcome to 2011. There’s an article on the Wall Street Journal, “China to Cancel College Majors That Don’t Pay“. China is tackling the problem of jobless graduates in […]


University degrees and debt

Make the time and money you spend while studying in university count. The value of a degree doesn’t fluctuate much, year to year. But if you take just one year longer to obtain that degree, it means you’ve wasted one year of your life and another few thousands of dollars in tuition fees. Which means […]


Singularity Magazine May 2011

In this May issue of Singularity, we have interviews with molecular-genetics-researcher-turned-author Beverly Akerman (who wrote The Meaning of Children) and 9 year old go-kart-racing Ricky Springer. I also covered an event by professor Joe Winston on “Beauty, Education and the Well-being of Children”. Download the May 2011 issue. In exciting magazine news, we also have […]


Good grades no longer enough?

Here’s a quote from an article of The Seattle Times: Valedictorians with straight-A’s were denied admission, while out-of-state students with lower grades were accepted. The reason? The decision is based squarely on economics: Nonresident students in effect subsidize the education of Washington residents, providing a much-needed boost in revenue at a time the UW could […]