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How many languages can you sing in?

My taste in music is varied. Generally speaking, I like instrumental music because there are no words. The way you think is affected by the language you know. During the days when I was studying in university, I would be doing my homework at home, on the floor (I didn’t have a proper table to […]


Bilinear interpolation article referenced in another language

I’m thrilled. I’m also confused. I wrote an article on bilinear interpolation, specifically for image rotations, and it was provided as a link in a comment to this post. Thanks to vottini for referencing my article (it was used in a good light, right?) I’ve got a problem. I don’t know what’s the language of […]


Path of a Polymath Programmer Part 3

So I talked about beginner polymath programmers in part 1, and books on role playing games and computer spies in part 2. In store for you in this post are typewriters, juxtaposition and XT86 computers. Teaching English and learning typing Due to my prolific reading, I have a moderately good command of the English language. […]