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FAHTR aka Free And Happen To Remember

The following completely fake conversation was inspired by an actual conversation with an internal company user. User: The web application doesn’t let me do XYZ. I can’t download ABC data for customer PQR. Me: Well, your customer database don’t have JKL. The code changes will take some time. User: So how long will it take? […]


The Psychotic Line – 3rd dimension of the Real Line

We have the Real Line, from negative infinity on one end to positive infinity on the other. Then we have the Imaginary Line, where we rotate numbers on the Real Line around to obtain imaginary numbers (or complex numbers). So what’s the natural logical progression? Meet the Psychotic Line, with delusional numbers. As expected, special […]


Are they recruiting secret agents?

So I told you about the time when the security guard stopped me because I was too hot. I went for an interview, and it ended with stepping into the company building. This is where the story continues… [What follows had been highly exaggerated for entertainment purposes. About 72.59% of it was created out of […]