Interview with Matt Pearce

Interview with Matt Pearce

I had the opportunity to speak with Matt Pearce last month. He’s an artist and illustrator in United Kingdom. I came across his work when I spoke with Iain Broome (whom I interviewed before). It’s always interesting to find out what the motivations of an artist are for his work, so I asked Matt. I must admit, I was expecting maybe some childhood memory, some prominent figure, some inspiring event. Matt gave me a short yet expressive answer:

The main reaction or feeling I try to evoke is a smile. Pure and simple.

Everyone can use an extra smile. 🙂

Read the entire interview in the December 2010 issue of Singularity.

Singularity Magazine December 2010

Singularity December 2010

The end of the year will soon be upon us. The magic elves at Singularity HQ had been hard at work to bring you a whopping 79 page issue, brimming with illustrations and photos. In this December issue, you will meet Matt Pearce, a digital artist and illustrator. Read about the difficult start to his illustrator career in my interview with him.

You will also visit (by proxy) the Singapore Philatelic Museum, with special exhibits on Iron Man and the work of G. R. Lambert. You will also meet cosplayers from the Anime Festival Asia held in Singapore (no, they weren’t at the museum. Though that would cause quite a stir with the stamp collecting community).

Download the December 2010 issue. (13 MB. It’s huge. Please be patient.)

Feel free to share the magazine through email, blog or other means. You’re given the right to print and distribute the magazine electronically provided you don’t change any of the content or charge for it.

Also available at Scribd.