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Matching textures with heuristics

I was in my 4th year in university. The course was on digital image processing, touching on both theory and application in equal measure. There were only 3 students, including me. The course was interesting, albeit mind-numbing when some of the equations march into the lecture. The programming assignments were more fun, since we got […]


Digital image processing is mostly for aesthetics

I intended to write an explanation of some digital image processing methods, followed by the point of this article’s existence (see title). Since I can’t remember much about the topic already, I rummaged through my pile of stuff to find my university textbook. Found it, and skimmed over the content pages to see what I […]


Linear and cubic interpolation

Interpolation is a method of calculating a value from a set of given values. We’ll be looking at interpolation with a bias towards image processing, but the theory can be generalised for other purposes. You’ve probably already solved some interpolation problems without knowing it. Let me give you an example. A distance problem Suppose there […]