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Image rotation with bilinear interpolation and alpha progressive borders

So a blog reader, Fabien Auréjac, emailed me an improvement over the code I posted on image rotation. Here’s the one with bilinear interpolation, and here’s the one with bilinear interpolation and no clipping. You can find Fabien here and here (warning: French ahead), and also at Stack Overflow. Fabien translated the core of my […]


Image rotation with bilinear interpolation

In this article, I’ll show you how to rotate an image about its centre. 3 assignment methods will be shown, assign source pixels to destination pixels assign destination pixels from source pixels assign destination pixels from source pixels with bilinear interpolation I’ll show you the code, then the results for comparison. So what’s bilinear interpolation? […]


Converting between raster, Cartesian and polar coordinates

As with the article on linear interpolation, this article is in preparation for the upcoming discussion on image rotation. I just realised that if I don’t write this, I’m going to take a long time explaining the image rotation code. We’ve already covered Cartesian coordinates. So what are raster and polar coordinates? Raster coordinates I […]


Messy indices on the right please

In case you don’t know, indices are the plural form of index. Wait, isn’t the plural form of index, indexes? Well, indexes is the plural form, if you’re talking about database table indexes (I’m confused at first too). I’m referring to the offset of an array, the index of an array. So what do I […]