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Compression through time

So the last time, I told you I came up with my own video format so I could load videos into my game engine. Today, I’m going to tell you what it is. The concept isn’t revolutionary. Image compression is the art of expressing an image in as small a form as possible. There are […]


Compression and space

Back when I was in my making games mode years ago, I was interested in space. Specifically data storage. Blitting images to the screen as quickly as possible to keep the frame rate consistent was a thing. Texture images are pre-created. Then there’s the concept of generating textures as the program was executed. This was […]


Pictures in Excel have way too much power…

You’d think inserting a picture into an Excel worksheet is pretty straightforward. If you’re just inserting the picture, then it is. Then you check what other properties you can play with manipulating the picture. Woah amigo! There’s a whole plethora of options! That’s like giving the typical user a (good enough) subset of rendering functions, […]


Image rotation with bilinear interpolation and no clipping

I wrote an article on image rotation with bilinear interpolation to calculate the pixel information. Commenter Jahn wanted to know if the resulting image could be obtained without clipping. I replied with the required code changes (it was fairly minimal), then I thought it might be useful to you too. The code was cleaned up […]


Convert 360 degree fisheye image to landscape mode

In this article, you will learn how to flatten a 360 degree fisheye image back to its landscape panoramic form. But first, what’s a 360 degree fisheye image? [WARNING: graphic-intensive article ahead] [image by gcardinal] It’s created by using fisheye lens in your camera, take a bunch of pictures using that, and use stereographic projection […]