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Teresa Deak, PicsieChick

In the September 2011 issue of my magazine, I had an interview with Teresa Deak, a photographer who likes to take macro shots. I also have some photos of my visit to the Asian Civilisations Museum that’s exclusive to the magazine. So go download it now. The demo mentioned in the video is 74293945 by […]


Singularity Magazine September 2011

In this issue, I interviewed Teresa Deak aka Picsie Chick, a photographer. I also went to the Asian Civilisations Museum for the Terracotta Warriors exhibit. Read the magazine for more photos of my trip. Download the September issue (about 5 MB). Subscribe to the magazine for free here.


Singularity Magazine August 2011

In this issue of Singularity, you’ll read my interview with Dave Doolin, who writes at Website In A Weekend. We talked about the US economy, the prospects of being a generalist in Singapore and WordPress. He’s also on Twitter @websiteweekend. Download the August 2011 issue (about 11 MB). And if you haven’t watched it, I […]


Cantonese light, detective FAIL and aged agents

I like this quote: “Rest is a weapon.” – Robert Ludlum. In summary, the Cantonese saying means there’s light in front of you, so why are you acting as if you can’t see. Here are the books either seen or mentioned in the video: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber The Millionaire Messenger by […]


Singularity Magazine April 2011

For April 2011, we have our “thickest” magazine issue ever. 95 pages! Even I’m surprised… Download the April 2011 issue of Singularity magazine (about 11MB). I have the pleasure of interviewing Thom Chambers, a fellow magazine editor who runs the In Treehouses magazine. You might notice that I’m sort of slowing down writing for the […]


People in early stage startups tend to be generalists

Sean Murphy is the CEO of SKMurphy, and offers customer development services for software entrepreneurs. The interviewer is Floyd Tucker from DreamSimplicity. Here’s a quote I found interesting from the video: People who do well in early stage startups tend to be generalists. To prosper, to scale up you’ve actually got to hire specialists. Now […]


Interview with Guy Kawasaki

I have the inestimable pleasure of having interviewed Guy Kawasaki, on his book Enchantment (which is released today on 8 March 2011). I’m still not sure how that happened (getting the interview, not the book)… I wasn’t sure if he’d respond, what with me being a small time publisher and all, but I asked him […]