Launching the Math Wizard

After about 2 months of hard work, it’s here! The Math Wizard is finally here!

I’m selling it for USD 10, and you can find out more here.

Today is auspicious, as the Chinese would say, because there are only 0’s, 1’s and 2’s in the date.

  • 20100210 in YYYYMMDD format
  • 10022010 in DDMMYYYY format

“You know, if you launched on 1 Feb 2010, it would be even nicer. 01022010 in DDMMYYYY format. That’s a palindrome!”

Uh… yes you’re right. Well, I needed 9 more days to prepare…

Making things happen

This is a short announcement, and a slight deviation from the usual topics (not that the topics are consistent, but … never mind).

Making things happen

I’m excited to say that my Math Wizard ebook is going to be launched in about 9 days. Launch date is 10 February, and the time is

  • UTC 1400 (2pm London-ish)
  • EST 0900 (9am New York-ish)
  • Singapore 2200 (10pm. Because I’m like Cinderella. I have to go before midnight.)

Thank you for reading Polymath Programmer, with the wide (and sometimes weird) variety of topics covered. This ebook product I created is an amalgamation of my interests in math and Dungeons & Dragons (a tabletop roleplaying game). The price will be set at USD 10 (for now).

More product details will be announced on the launch date. For now, you can download a free preview of the Math Wizard, or you can read more on why I created the Math Wizard.

I’m making things happen. Tell me about yours.

Stuff I am doing lately

I had a tumultuous past month (or so).

My network adaptor died on me, and since my computer then was about 5 years old, I thought “Why not just get a new computer?” So I did.

Due to some personal reasons, I feel a bit worn out. So I’m putting that ebook project on hold for a while. Partly because I’m also channelling my energy to another blog. Please visit Honeybeech, where I tell stories, mainly about my Dungeons & Dragons gameplay adventures.

Rest assured that I’m still here. So I’ll be writing math and programming topics here at Polymath Programmer, and RPG/fantasy/fiction stuff over at Honeybeech.

Because even programmers need to eat (as in “eat properly”, despite whatever you’ve heard about pizzas and fizzy drinks), I’m writing an ebook as a D&D game supplement. It’s called Math Wizard (I know, it’s so “me”, right?), and the character’s powers are mostly based on math and science concepts.

Considering all my options, I believe I have a better chance at making “Math Wizard” work better than “Discipline and Deflection” (the original ebook project). I also believe the former can inspire more people and ignite their imagination and curiosity than the latter. I will still create both, and I’m just constrained by time and effort.

A friend also introduced me to a book store here in Singapore called BooksActually. They have a sister branch called “Polymath & Crust”. Awesome! They have the word “polymath” in it. I have to visit that book store.

Polymath & Crust

The store is located at No. 86 Club Street Singapore 069454, if you’re interested.
[Disclosure: I’m not paid by them. I even bought a book. See below.]

We went in, and it was a quaint little place, carrying books that you don’t see in major book stores. My friend bought himself a dictionary of symbols, and I bought a dictionary of mathematics.

Dictionary of Mathematics

Even their paper bag is interesting. I wonder what that interesting shape mean?

Polymath & Crust paper bag