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Dot notation dropdown hell

Have you written something like this: body.LeftArm.ForeArm.Hand.Pinky.Twitch() Would this be easier? body.Twitch(BodyPart.LeftPinky) I’ve been thinking about this a lot, because I’m writing a software library. You know what’s hard? Deciding what classes, functions and properties to expose to the programmer. My software library deals with spreadsheets, and for uhm, research, I downloaded 2 free open-source […]


Hungarian notation gone terribly wrong – lust

I was working on some legacy code in PowerBuilder, when I saw the name of a user interface control (heavily anonymised and fun-ised): lust_staffname Let’s break that down: local (as opposed to global) user (I think? User-created as opposed to system/standard) static text (the Label equivalent in ASP.NET) I wonder what was going through that […]


Deciphering column types in design documents

When I first started working, I’ve never even heard of design specifications. The few sentences of a programming question for a university assignment barely made it as design requirements. I think the longest description went slightly over half a page, and that’s because it was explaining some scientific logic behind the question. So when I […]