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Launching SpreadsheetLight

I am excited to tell you that my spreadsheet software library is available! For the initial launch version (I decided to go for version 1. Why do people launch with versions 0.8? I don’t know…), you get comprehensive support for styles, rich text formatting, 47 named cell styles, themes (either one of the 20 built-in […]


Working on spreadsheet software library

As a natural and logical extension from my Open XML spreadsheet guide, I’m writing a software library to create and manipulate Open XML spreadsheets. (Never mind that decompiler project I was working on… 2 months of coding… sunk cost… moving on…). I did some research (ok, an inordinate amount of research…) on the available spreadsheet […]


First look at XML Studio

I’ve been working with XML files for a while (if you’ve been reading my blog for the past few months, you’re probably sick of the XML-related stuff…). Specifically with Open XML. While I don’t always read and write XML files, I do refer to the Open XML ECMA-376 documentation and the Open XML SDK help […]


Decompiling Open XML spreadsheets

Ok, I’m going to reveal the big secret project that I’ve been working on for the last 2 months. I’m writing a software program that will decompile Open XML spreadsheets into C# and VB.NET source code. Now I know what you’re thinking. “But Vincent, there’s that SDK Productivity Tool that does that already!” Frankly, when […]


Spreadsheet Open XML V2

I was rushing to get this out. The updated version of my programming guide is out! I first launched it on 17 Jan this year, so I was hoping to meet the personal-and-unseen deadline of 17 May, so it’s a nice 4 months interval. Ah well, I’m the only one who cares anyway… I’ve added […]


Programming guide update

So. Quick update. I’ve finished writing a bunch of code for my Open XML guide to create spreadsheets. They include: Inserting comments Using formulas Setting header/footer options Setting page setup options Creating multiple worksheets Freezing/Splitting panes Using and styling tables (but not pivot tables) How to write the cells if you have multiple sets of […]


Built-in styles for Excel Open XML

So a blog reader, Sebastien, once asked about built-in style numbers used in Open XML for Excel. I’m sorry to break the news to you. It’s not straightforward to use those built-in styles. What are these built-in styles? Check these out: For instance, Sebastien was asking how to use the “Good” and “Bad” built-in styles. […]