In The Mirror (cover)

This is one of my favourite piano pieces by Yanni.

I’m not a pianist. I’ve never taken piano lessons. I’m like grade -1 or something. This took me over a dozen tries…

Credits and permission granted from:

Music by Yanni
23rd Street publishing Inc/Yanni Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved

Software is everywhere

Coming soon to toasters and refrigerators. YouTube hates me, or WMV files, because the rendered video has visual static…

And celebrate whatever holiday is meaningful to you. Happy holidays!

Bursary application FAIL

Once upon a time, I went for a bursary application interview. It did not go well.

Vinswers: Starting a business while in university

In which I answer a question about starting a business while you’re studying. Here’s the blog post in question.

Singapore Mini Maker Faire Part 2

Part 2 of my visit to the mini Maker Faire held in Singapore, August 4. We have robots that walk and do self-defence and play soccer. And musical instruments made out of unusual materials. And a fire tornado.

Watch part 1.