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Entrepreneurs and polymaths

Entrepreneurs and polymaths have something in common. Entrepreneurs need to be knowledgeable in many areas, though mostly in the management of business, and mostly being knowledgeable enough is enough (delegation then comes into the picture). Polymaths are knowledgeable in many areas, though the reasons for it may be different. I pin the common reason as […]


The Chameleon Consultant

I was reading this book How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant (Amazon link) by Herman Holtz and David Zahn. A consultant is someone with great expertise in a particular field. You can be a software consultant, a tax law consultant, a management consultant (or even a consultant consultant *smile*). There was a short section […]


The Inverted PI Polymath

There’s a war going on in my mind. The Specialists, numbering in their millions, were wielding their sharpened, highly honed spears. The Generalists, a motley group in the dozens, stood fast, holding their battered shields and battleaxes. “Charge!” shouted a Specialist. A ripple fragmented the front line of the Specialists. In a strangely beautiful pattern, […]


Application Polymath

I think I figured out how to improve the general negativity that “polymath” or “jack of all trades” has. But first, let me tell you a story. I remember back when I was still working in a job, I had a job title. It started with “Systems Analyst”. Then at the end of 2 one-year […]


First odd prime birthday

Actually I forgot the actual date. I thought it was today, but it turned out to be yesterday. Oops. Sorry, blog. So yesterday, 12 June 2010, Polymath Programmer turned 3 years old. *trumpets flare, streamers float and white doves fly into the air* Originally, I wanted to keep it quiet. No fuss, no muss. Just […]


Are corporate programmers also polymath programmers?

I’ve been writing for more than 2 years now, and I realised that I never told you much about my professional job. Let’s start with a brief summary of how I started… Beginning of professional career I started working a few months after I graduated in 2002. I had a science degree in applied mathematics […]


You are now a Polymer

Ever since I started writing, I’ve been just a little concerned over the name of the blog: Polymath Programmer. I want to write on topics that I’m familiar with, that I’m fairly good at, that is interesting. Programming formed the main focus, and slowly mathematics as well. I want to bring in other disciplines as […]


Doing one thing well isn’t enough

It is that time of year when the students begin classes at the local universities. If they behave like what I remembered when I was studying, they’ll choose whatever is most profitable when they start working. Or whatever they excel in, hoping that their chosen degree helps when they start working. Concentrating their efforts on […]