Bilinear interpolation article referenced in another language

I’m thrilled. I’m also confused. I wrote an article on bilinear interpolation, specifically for image rotations, and it was provided as a link in a comment to this post. Thanks to vottini for referencing my article (it was used in a good light, right?)

I’ve got a problem. I don’t know what’s the language of the site! I think it’s French or Spanish, but I can’t be sure. If you know what’s the language, please let me know. Better yet, translate and summarise that article and tell me, because I only understood it as a example of how to expand an image and fill in the extra pixels. Thanks.

UPDATE: Thanks to an anonymous commentor, I finally found that the article (and site) is in Portuguese. I tried online translation tools and Portuguese-English yielded enough for me to understand what was going on. The commentor recommended the tool by Google, but I got barred with “automated request” error.

So I used the Babel Fish.

Excerpt of translated comment:

the solution, after all, was well simple. Instead of rotacionar pixels of the source, it rotacionava pixels of the destination and discovered in which place of the source would go to be. Joining with the technique of the bilinear interpolation or some most advanced one, the result is really impressive.

In the article, I suggested starting from the destination image, and find out what pixels to use from the source. This sort of assumes that both source and destination speak the same “language” (both are talking about RGB pixels).

The irony? In this incident, I don’t know anything about the source language (Portuguese), so I don’t know how to start from the destination (translated article in English).

UPDATE: Actually Christopher also commented that it’s in Portuguese (missed his comment in the diligent black hole SPAM processor…). Thanks Christopher!

And the owner of the site came to confirm that it’s in Portuguese! Wow. He (“o velho” means “old man” in Portuguese) apparently posted an English post about this, specially for me. Wow. Thanks.