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Ebooks and publishing

I wrote a guest article at Website In A Weekend, run by Dave Doolin. It’s about ebooks and publishing and trust and credibility. I’m also described as “Vincent’s talents are manifold, as one would expect from a polymath.” That rocked. Go read that article.


How to self-publish a magazine

When I was starting out trying to get email subscribers to my magazine, I wrote a small ebook to give away as an incentive to subscribe. I’ve decided to just give it away for free. It’s called “How to self-publish an online magazine – Parry publishing pitfalls on a bread-and-butter budget”. Download it for free […]


Magazine publishing part 2 – Page settings

You learned about fonts in online magazine publishing in part 1. Today I’ll tell you about page settings. Orientation There are 2 page orientations to choose from: portrait and landscape. The traditional physical magazines are in portrait orientations. My guess is that it’s easier to flip. When opened, the visible surface area (squarish) is easy […]


E-zines: eco-friendly, evolved publishing, easy creation

That was the title of my Barcamp presentation on 9 October 2010. I thought the alliteration was a nice touch. *smile* Based on the lessons I learnt from my last Barcamp presentation, I needed a title that’s easy to understand and had enough “hook” words to “bait” the wandering attention of Barcamp attendees. And I […]