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The monkey and negative number of coconuts

There’s this math puzzle that I recently heard from my friend. Here it goes: The puzzle In the not so distant past, there was this small island. And there’s this monkey… what? Yes, it’s alone. Ok, fine, he’s alone. Yes, poor thing. So, on this island, there were many many many coconut trees. And each […]


Carcerian Stones – Where is this Arofell fella?

We’re continuing the D&D adventure story. Previously, we found our adventurers at the gates of Havenswerd, and the bard declared he’s a criminal in the city. We have Ryan the human DM, Dan playing Toth the goliath warden, James playing Heoriss the eladrin invoker, Ian playing Iofae the eladrin sorcerer, and Klenn playing Phileas the […]


The composite space between prime products

Previously, I gave you a puzzle on prime numbers. Let F(n) be (1st prime) * (2nd prime) * … * (nth prime) The question was to describe the group of numbers between 2 and F(n)-1 that F(n) cannot divide. And the answer is… all composite numbers between 2 and F(n)-1 with repeated prime factors. Hmm… […]


Factorials, prime numbers and a puzzle

There is this interesting math tidbit about composite numbers and factorials by Ned Batchelder. Now prime numbers never appear consecutively (except for 2 and 3). Ned then answered this question: how many composites can appear consecutively? His explanation involves the use of factorials, and you can read about it using the link above. His explanation […]


Every user query is a puzzle

The user didn’t really mean to give you a level 5 puzzle to solve. But that’s what it is. Every time the user asks you to help him solve a software related problem, he’s giving you a puzzle. Sometimes, it’s a level 1 puzzle, where you don’t even need to fire up your code editor […]


The confounding digital clock puzzle

Recently, I played Professor Layton and the Curious Village on the Nintendo DS. It’s basically a game filled with puzzle after puzzle for the player to solve. There are 3D questions testing your visualisation skills (the IQ question on the painted cube for my job interview also came up). There are the logic questions such […]


Can you solve this game math puzzle in seconds?

The game in question is Resident Evil Zero. Didn’t think there’d be a math puzzle in a survival horror game? Neither did I. The game video footage (video link) is over 10 minutes long, so I’ll highlight the relevant parts. Warning: the player is uh, slightly liberal in his use of words. This video’s considered […]


Puzzle of 7 points and 6 straight lines – 2nd solution

This is the second solution to this puzzle: Construct a geometric shape with 7 points such that there are 6 straight lines, and each line must pass through 3 points. The first solution was already discussed last week. And here’s the construction: The 7 points are labelled A to G. The 6 lines are ADB, […]