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Do you look at reports more than code?

It was my first job fresh out of university. I was excited and ready to rock and roll. They gave my a bunch of specification documents to read and a bunch of monthly reports. My primary task then was to make sure the monthly reports come out “normal”. The definition of “normal” was to make […]


Financial reports must be untouched by human hands

People handling billing or financial data are usually very uptight. Especially when it comes to numbers. If you thought mathematicians, statisticians or economists were protective of their numerical figures, go talk to someone who works in the financial department. PI is an elegant number. It goes to about 3.14159265, and describes the ratio of the […]


Comparisons using the eyeball check

Back when I first started working, one of my duties every month was to check reports. Yes, I know it says “Systems Analyst” on my job title then. Thank you for pointing that out. Don’t new staff often take on all sorts of miscellaneous duties like that? As I was saying, I was to check […]