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Singapore Mini Maker Faire Part 1

I went to the mini Maker Faire at the Singapore Science Centre. In the video, there’s a device that measures distances using ultrasonic waves, and based on that, turns a light on or off. It took me a while before I finally understood the concept. I thought it was directional, because she explained the device […]


How to order tea or coffee in Singapore

In which you learn some Malay/Indonesian/Hokkien/Chinese words. This is when you’re ordering tea or coffee from a local coffee shop or drinks stall in Singapore. Not Starbucks. What’s the longest beverage customisation you’ve ever ordered? The Tea Project: http://www.youtube.com/theteaproject


On military, startups and entrepreneurship

Do you know why there are so few entrepreneurs around? Because it’s uncomfortable to be one. Keep this notion of “comfortability” as you continue to read, since it’s going to be a running theme. On surviving enormous weights I slept late last night. Or more accurately, I slept in the early morning today. I do […]


CNY Food Shutdown

So I made a short video [click through to the blog if you can’t see the video] In Singapore, during the first 2 days of Chinese New Year (which are also public holidays), there’s practically no food to be bought. Let me explain. The majority of the Singapore population is Chinese. No sane and rational […]


Singapore ranked high in PISA 2009 survey

According to the latest PISA results, Singapore is ranked 5th overall in terms of reading capabilities (see executive summary in PDF). Singapore also scored high in mathematics and science. “Better educational outcomes are a strong predictor for future economic growth,” said OECD Secretary-General Angel GurrĂ­a. “While national income and educational achievement are still related, PISA […]